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Cadillac Hoping To Attract Import Buyers With XTS Livery Service Car

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Cadillac is hoping to use an unconventional marketing strategy to lure buyers to its upcoming XTS sedan, with plans to market it to limo services as a livery vehicle or “black car”. While the livery car market is a small niche segment, it naturally attracts a fair number of high-end clients who use the vehicles… Continue Reading...

Lincoln MKT Town Car Set To Take Up The Livery Car Mantle From The Panther Platform

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The Lincoln Town Car is legendary for its ubiquity as a “black car”, a private limo for the well-to-do in New York City and other swanky locales. But with the Panther Platform vehicles (like the Town Car, Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis) set to be killed off very shortly, Lincoln has been scrambling… Continue Reading...
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