Top 100 Cars Of All Time: Inside Line Picks Its Faves

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Every now and then, a leading automotive publication compiles a list of cars it thinks have made a valuable contribution to the automotive landscape. The latest to offer such a list is Edmunds Inside Line. Their list is quite interesting, as it makes mention of such odd-ball picks like the Acura Integra Type R, the… Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Golf R Magazine Ad Is Edible

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An Ogilvy Cape Town South African Volkswagen Golf R advertisement is encouraging the reader to ingest the advertisement(see picture above). The “Eat the road. Seriously, eat it” ad is made of “glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour and glycerin.” The idea behind this ad is giving people a test drive in their mouth. This takes… Continue Reading...

Top Gear Magazine For Sale, Likely Sold To German Publisher

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Over 70 years ago, the Battle of Britain was waged in an effort to stop Hitler’s army from invading the United Kingdom. While Britain may have won that pivotal contest, it looks like the Germans are about to make off with one of the UK’s cultural jewels, as the BBC prepares to sell the print… Continue Reading...

Car and Driver, Road & Track, Sold To Hearst Publishing For $889 Million

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Two mainstays of the buff book world have been sold as part of a package deal, after their parent company, French publishing giant Lagardere, dumped a variety of print properties, including Car and Driver as well as Road & Track. In a shedding of properties that Lagardere no long deems “strategic”, the two magazines, as… Continue Reading...

Car And Driver Magazine Launches “Save The Manuals” Campaign

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With less than 10 percent of vehicles sold today equipped with manual transmissions, and an even greater number being taken off the road, Car and Driver magazine is on a campaign to “Save the Manuals”. C/D Editor-in-Chief Eddie Alterman has this World Vision-esque video admonishing viewers to save old cars with manual gearboxes from rotting… Continue Reading...