Top 5 Biggest Automotive Recalls in History: The Short List

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Which vehicles are affected by these epic recalls and what components have caused enough trouble to recall millions of cars? Find out in this Short List video. Continue Reading...

Ford Issues Five Recalls Covering 200K Vehicles

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Twenty-fourteen must be the year of the recall. Takata’s massive airbag foible is causing much grief, GM’s ignition fiasco drags on and in addition to all of this there have been myriad smaller safety actions. Adding to the tally, Ford just announced five callbacks. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Worst Vehicle Nicknames

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Like ‘em or not, nicknames are a way of life. Perhaps you were called four eyes as a child because of your glasses. If your teeth were bedazzled with braces train tracks may have been a more appropriate term of endearment. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Recently Extinct Car Brands Millennials Probably Won’t Remember

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Everybody loves talking about millennials but nobody does anything about them. Roughly speaking, this demographic encompasses young – and not-so-young – folks born in the early 1980s to about 2000. With birth years spanning two decades, this is a huge group of very diverse people. Continue Reading...