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2021 Awards: Meet the 34 Finalists, Winners Announced Next Month

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Eight winners will be announced next week, including overall Car and Utility Vehicle of the Year. Continue Reading...

2021 Mini Cooper SE Review: Close But No Cigar

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Hey! The internet loves short, nuanceless interpretations of big thoughts and in that spirit here’s my review of the 2021 MINI EV: It doesn’t have enough range. With about 110 miles of EPA range (I saw more like 100 miles, but I never drove it down to 0) it probably comes up just short of… Continue Reading...

Aluminum Turbos Save Weight, Money

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Weight is the mortal enemy of performance and efficiency. One of the most effective ways of increasing a vehicle’s fuel economy and improving its driving dynamics is to cut unnecessary mass. Every component is fair game for optimization, including turbochargers. Continue Reading...

EPA Makes BMW Correct MINI Fuel-Economy Figures

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Hyundai and Ford aren’t the only manufacturers that have been forced to revise their fuel-economy scores. Now BMW is joining this hall of shame. Continue Reading...

2013 MINI Lineup: Pricing and Equipment Changes Announced

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MINI has announced its changes to its 2013 model year lineup, most noticeably with Bluetooth coming standard on every model, which was originally a $500 option. Continue Reading...
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