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Should You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicle?

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Last week we explained the basics of motor oil, from viscosity to additives and everything in between. Now it’s time to tackle a much more contentious issue: synthetic versus conventional. Which lubricant should you use in your vehicle? Is the extra protection afforded by man-made oil worth the added expense? Continue Reading...

Porsche Gives One Driver a Chance to Race in Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

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Starting next year, Porsche will select one exceptionally talented driver to participate in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, a support event to Formula 1. The driver will be selected from the Porsche one-make race series worldwide, and will cover a majority of the season budget. Continue Reading...

Win a Tony Stewart-Customized Camaro SHR, Courtesy Mobil 1 [video]

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Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing have teamed up with Mobil 1 as their oil brand of choice and with two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championships to their respective names, it’s a pretty good sponsorship for Mobil 1. Now they’re leveraging their relationship with Stewart (to your advantage we might add) by offering a Tony Stewart-customized… Continue Reading...

Mobil 1 Open Road App Helps You Plan the Perfect Trip

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If you’re looking to get more out of your road trip we’ve got an app for you – the Mobil 1 Open Road app. A great free app that let’s you explore great roads and attractions, it will also provide helpful car care advice. Let’s just say you are planning a road trip. The Mobil… Continue Reading...

iForged Building 1,000 Horsepower SL65 Black Series Roadster for SEMA

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The 2009 SEMA Show is still over half a year away but contrary to popular belief, not every vehicle is assembled in a mad rush at the last minute. Wheel manufacturer iForged has already released details of what its big SEMA project will be and after last year’s 996 to 997 Porsche Turbo conversion, complete… Continue Reading...