Honda’s ‘Mean Mower’ Making Appearance at SEMA

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Honda shocked the lawn-care community with its “Mean Mower,” a ride-on tractor powered by a motorcycle engine. It’s capable of blitzing from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 4 seconds! This grass-annihilating machine is leaving Great Britain and crossing the Atlantic to make a special appearance at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Continue Reading...

Motorcycle Vs. Car Drift Battle: The Most Epic Thing You Will Watch Today [Video]

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With so many videos on the Internet, we try to reserve the word epic for for the ones that are truly unforgettable. Well, that’s this video: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2. Nick “Apex” Brocha and his Empire teammate, Ernie Vigil, jump on top of their Triumph Speed Triples built by Roaring Toyz and start… Continue Reading...

MythBusters Proves Cars are Greener than Motorcycles [Video]

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There are many great reasons for owning a motorcycle. They cost less, are cheaper to run, easier to repair and easier to park. They even get better mileage and as a majority of commuter driving is alone, a motorcycle is all you need. While a typical motorcycle’s mpg numbers do make it seem like its… Continue Reading...

Speed’s “The Car Show” Hosts Talk About Their First Cars [Video]

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Speed Channel is gearing up to release The Car Show, a talk show led by Adam Carolla, Dan Neil, John “Spider” Salley and AutoGuide contributor Matt Farah. The show hits the air on July 13. In the short clips released, the hosts tell us about their very first vehicles and driving experiences, ranging from a… Continue Reading...

Honda Developing Hybrid Goldwing Motorcycle

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Honda is apparently developing a hybrid version of their Goldwing motorcycle, a first in the two-wheeled world. A drawing that was attached to Honda’s patent filing seems to show a near replica of their Goldwing touring motorcycle. While hybrids tend to deliver wonderful fuel economy gains in city driving, the Goldwing is meant to travel… Continue Reading...