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2014 Chevrolet Camaro Concept is the New Bumblebee

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The current-generation Chevrolet Camaro’s marketing got kicked off with its role as Bumblebee in the past Transformers movies, and Transformers 4 will now give us the first look at the next-generation Camaro. Continue Reading...

Freightliner Argosy is Likely a Decepticon in Transformers 4

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Michael Bay continues to release images of vehicles that will star in next year’s Transformers 4, with the newest addition being a Freightliner Argosy cab-over truck. Continue Reading...

1977 Lotus Esprit ‘007 Submarine’ Heading to RM Auctions

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As if a standard Lotus Esprit crossing the auction block isn’t rare enough, this one is a definite one-of-a-kind after starring in the James Bond 007 flick The Spy Who Loved Me. Continue Reading...

Ford Mustang Takes Lead Role in ‘Need for Speed’ Movie

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The Need for Speed movie is hitting theaters next year on February 7, and it’ll feature a significant integration of Ford products with a one-of-a-kind Mustang starring as the hero car. Continue Reading...

Transformers ‘Barricade’ Police Mustang For Sale

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Fans of the original Transformers movie now have the opportunity to own the original Barricade Saleen Ford Mustang from the 2007 Hollywood blockbuster. But that’s not all. The eBay auction is throwing in a “two for one deal” with a 2006 Ford Mustang GT designed to be like Bumblebee…except it’s not a Chevy Camaro. With the… Continue Reading...

Batmobiles Go Drag Racing, Bikini Model Washes Them – Video

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Don’t lie. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch different generation Batmobiles go at it in a good ‘ol classic drag race. The folks over at Super Power Beat Down made that a reality by taking the 1989 Batmobile and pitting it against its 1966 predecessor. Obviously in the sake of entertainment, you… Continue Reading...