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Top 10 Automotive Failures Carmakers Hoped You Forgot About

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For each automotive grand slam, there are many more epic strike outs. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Infotainment Systems

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  That interactive screen found in most new cars has significant impact on purchase decisions, meaning new car buyers want a system that is responsive, pretty and easy to use. We’ve decided to rank our experiences with the infotainment systems offered by major auto makers. We’ll start with an honorable mention: We’d love to include the… Continue Reading...

Distracted Driving is Bringing Self-Driving Cars to All

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Self-driving cars are coming, but will you ever own one? One analyst at Ford believes that these robot-chauffeurs will become common commuter cars rather than toys for rich people. Continue Reading...

Lexus, Acura and Audi Top 2014 Consumer Reports Brand Report Card

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Consumer Reports’ 2014 Car Brand Report Card has been published and not surprisingly luxury automakers dominate the top of this list. Continue Reading...

Five Reasons Ford’s Switch from Microsoft to Blackberry QNX is a Good Thing

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  Few car components have been vilified more than the MyFord Touch infotainment system, but word is floating about that the Blue-Oval may be switching its gameplan, ditching its Microsoft based platform for one powered by BlackBerry’s QNX. If you’ve heard anything about Blackberry over the past few years, chances are it wasn’t good news…. Continue Reading...

Ask AutoGuide No. 18 – Honda Civic Si vs. Dodge Dart GT vs. Ford Focus SE Hatchback

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Another week, another opportunity to assist a struggling motorist; that’s what Ask AutoGuide is all about. Just like populist presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan we’re here for the people. Specifically, folks like Zach, who e-mailed us asking for help picking out a compact car. Continue Reading...