N.Technology Rolls Out New Panamera S Racecar With Official Chrome & Black Livery

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N.Technology’s Porsche Panamera race car has already had great success in the Italian Supercars series with its limited race time, but it looks like those efforts aren’t enough to satisfy the team at N.Technology. And just like that, they’ve completed and tested their second Porsche Panamera race car that will be competing this weekend at… Continue Reading...

Porsche Panamera Race Car Victorious in First Outing

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Several weeks back we reported on the very first Porsche Panamera race car, built by N.Technology. Now the team has unveiled the completed Panamera S touring car, ready to compete in the Italian Supercars series. Making 450-hp from its naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8 engine and weighing 2,900 lbs, the N.Technology car driven by Fabrizio Giovanardi… Continue Reading...