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GM Recalls Natural Gas-Powered Vans

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Another day, another GM recall. This time the Detroit-based automotive giant is working to fix issues with some natural gas-powered vehicles. Continue Reading...

Mazda Shows Off Diesel, CNG and Hybrids in Tokyo

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Mazda has just unveiled a host of new concepts and up-coming models at the The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 that includes diesel, natural gas and hybrid technology. Continue Reading...

What is MPGe: Electric Car Fuel Economy Ratings Explained

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Ford recently announced the EPA fuel efficiency rating for its electric Focus model. Since it doesn’t burn any gasoline, the number isn’t in miles per gallon (MPG), but was given as miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, or MPGe. A new term to the automotive lexicon, it’s worth exploring exactly what MPGe means and how an… Continue Reading...

More Natural Gas Fuelling Stations Coming, Honda Civic NG Owners Rejoice

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It’s sales are but a drop in the bucket for Honda, but the Civic GX, recently renamed the NG, might have a chance to grow its market share thanks to efforts by Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to expand U.S. infrastructure for natural gas vehicles. The fact is, there is so much natural gas available in the U.S. that it’s… Continue Reading...

Half Of All Vehicles Will Be Hybrids by 2040 – Exxon Mobil

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In its annual Outlook, ExxonMobil discusses the future of global energy demands and consumption and in this year’s edition, ExxonMobil believes that half of the vehicles on the road in 2040 will be hybrids. We personally believe hybrids will rule the road long before 2040, especially when you have vehicles like Lincoln‘s 2012 MKZ Hybrid… Continue Reading...