NHTSA investigations

NHTSA Launches Fisker Karma Fire Probe

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This latest investigation follows a number of other probes relating to fires of EVs equipped with lithium-ion batteries, including a much publicized incident relating to Chevy Volt crash tests conducted by the agency last year. Continue Reading...

NHTSA To Hold Safety Meeting On Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries

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A series of very public Li-ion defect related incidents have caused the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) decision to hold a meeting with automakers and battery suppliers with regards to the safety of the new technology. Continue Reading...

2009 Honda Odyssey Investigated By NHTSA For Liftgate Malfunction

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the 2009 Honda Odyssey for a possible liftgate malfunction. The Odyssey’s power liftgate is said to close unexpectedly, and NHTSA has received seven complaints so far, with two of the complaints resulting in injury after the owners were unexpectedly struck with the liftgate. An estimated 20,000 vehicles are affected…. Continue Reading...

Lotus Elise Being Investigated For Leaking Oil Cooler

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In a recently filed document, NHTSA said, on its website that it had received 17 individual complaints from Elise owners that an oil cooler line ruptured, spraying the fluid onto the rear wheel assemblies and elsewhere in the engine bay. Continue Reading...

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Under Investigation for Stalling Issues

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In a notice posted on its website; NHTSA said it had opened a ‘preliminary’ investigation into 43,941 Toyota Highlander Hybrids from the 2006 model year, after receiving no fewer than 32 separate complaints. Continue Reading...