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February 2015 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

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Well, another dumpy winter month is in the books. The season that just won’t end is at long last winding down; the light of spring is visible at the end of this frigid tunnel. Continue Reading...

Rally North America 2014 Rally US 50

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Rallying for a Cause Rally North America (RNA) is quickly becoming one of the premiere charity road rally organizations in the country. Now in the organization’s fifth year of existence, the 2014 Rally US 50 is set to begin today as 80 cars line up at the starting line in Martinsburg, W.Va. For the next… Continue Reading...

Toyota Investing $28 Million in Michigan Facilities

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Michigan, it’s more than just Great Lakes, the Big Three and the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. To the surprise of many, GM, Ford and Chrysler aren’t the only games in town. Practically every major OEM and supplier company has offices, technical centers or test facilities in the mitten state, and Toyota is making… Continue Reading...

Range Rover Diesel Hybrid Might Reach US Soon

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Land Rover will launch a diesel hybrid version of its Range Rover in Europe shortly after the truck debuts during the Frankfurt Motor Show. It might not be so long until it reaches the U.S. either. Continue Reading...

Lexus Eco Challenge Grand Prize Winners Announced

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Toyota supports environmental consciousness by holding the annual Lexus Eco Challenge competition, encouraging middle and high school students to practice eco-friendliness in creative ways. Since the program’s inception, $4 million in scholarships and grants have been awarded to middle and high school students for their distinguished projects. “Through this program, more than 25,000 participants have demonstrated… Continue Reading...

Half of Rolls-Royce Ghost Buyers Ordered Bespoke Vehicles

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It turns out that owning a Rolls-Royce isn’t rare enough on it’s own for the majority of people buying these ultra-luxury cars. No, the people willing and able to shell out for the best of the best seem to be afraid the valet will confuse their Ghost with the others outside the country club. According… Continue Reading...

Audi North American Plant Coming In The Future, No Date Set

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Cutting costs these days seems to be all about building factories in the country meant to buy your products. Audi is following that mantra by announcing designs to build a plant in North America. Doing so would help the brand avoid the pitfalls of the European economy and make the actual act of bringing vehicles… Continue Reading...

Canada’s Auto Sector Losing Ground To Mexico

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Automobile manufacturing is a big part of the Canadian economy. 10 percent of the country’s manufacturing output is related to the auto industry. Things have been changing for a few years already, and the future is not looking good for Canada.  Thanks to their lower labor rates and production costs, more and more car companies… Continue Reading...
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