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It Sucks That We Can’t Fix Our Own Cars These Days: The Skinny with Craig Cole

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Today’s vehicles are marvels of engineering, but the more complicated they get, the harder they become to work on. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Older Cars We’re Still in Love With

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Drivers looking for something cool have a veritable smörgåsbord of options on the market today. Automakers are building some of the most appealing and exciting vehicles in industry history. Continue Reading...

Ford Focus Classic For Sale in China, Priced Like New Focus in US

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Would you entertain the idea of buying an old-model Ford Focus new from the manufacturer? In today’s throwaway culture it’s hard to imagine buying anything but the latest product, but that’s not the perspective everywhere. In other parts of the world, previous model cars remain for sale at a discount after a new lines debut. Continue Reading...