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Next-Gen Porsche Panamera to Look More ‘Coupe-Like’

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Are you a fan of the Porsche Panamera’s design? Love it or, well, not, the company’s CEO Matthias Müller said the next generation of this luxury sedan must have improved styling. Continue Reading...

Blackberry Gets A Makeover With The Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone

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If you weren’t addicted to your Crackberry before, you will be once you get your hands on the Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from Blackberry. Encased in stainless steel and leather, the Porsche Design P’9981 comes with a host of luxe features that will make sure you’ll never want to put it down. With an enhanced… Continue Reading...

Porsche Design Updates Dashboard Watch After A Decade

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Ten years have gone by since Porsche Design created a watch that took its cues from the dashboard gauges of the 911. It’s about time for an update, and the luxury brand is ready to launch a new model, the Porsche Design P’6620 Dashboard watch. Crafted in Australia, the Porsche Design P’6620 Dashboard watch measures… Continue Reading...

Porsche Designs P’6520 Compass Watch Offers Time And Direction

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You’re lost, and to top it off, you have no idea what time it is. No worries – Porsche Design’s P’6520 Compass Watch will get you out of that jam. The newest addition to Porsche Design’s timepiece collection, the P’6520 Compass Watch was inspired by its predecessor, first built in 1978 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche…. Continue Reading...

Limited Edition $270K Porsche Design Watch a Little Out of Your Budget

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You can’t afford to buy a Porsche, so you buy the next best thing – Porsche merchandise. It’s cheaper, right? Not so much, especially when it comes to this Porsche watch. For the ever-so-outrageous price of $270,000 (you’re not reading it wrong and we didn’t add a few extra zeros to mess with your head),… Continue Reading...