Ford Shelby GT350R is Most Track Capable Mustang Ever

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Ford just put all other muscle cars on notice. This is the new Shelby GT350R and it’s going to be the most track capable street car to ever wear the Mustang badge. Continue Reading...

What is the Fastest Car in the World?

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Everyone loves a good superlative. Whether something’s the biggest, tallest, longest or strongest, words ending in “-est” connote superiority and inspire awe. Of course in the world of automobiles it seems like everyone wants to be the “fastest.” Continue Reading...

McLaren 650S Video, First Look

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Superlatives are the name of the game at the McLaren display in Geneva. The company claims its alluring 650S is the fastest, most engaging, best equipped and most beautiful production supercar they’ve ever made. Is that the truth or just a bunch of bullroar? Here’s the skinny. Continue Reading...

Mercedes GLA45 AMG Concept Video, First Look

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Is there a market for high-performance, compact crossovers? AMG sure thinks so, unveiling the Concept GLA45 AMG at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Sports Car

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Your grip on the steering wheel tightens. Your eyes fixate on the yellow line. Your brain screams about the trees just beyond the shoulder. Wait for it… wait for it… ok, NOW! You pounce on the clutch as your right foot stabs the accelerator. A wrist-flick completes the downshift. Feather the brake, turn into the… Continue Reading...

BMW M Performance Power Kit Adds 20 HP for $1,100

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Attention late-model BMW 335i drivers. Are you looking for a skosh more firepower under your Bimmer’s hood? If so the monks in München have answered your prayers and it comes in the form of the M Performance Power kit. Continue Reading...

Eaton Expects Supercharger Sales To Double Within 5 Years

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With the rise of turbochargers as a “green” technology, the lifespan of superchargers looked numbers as their popularity decreased, with the belt driven forced induction systems appearing only on high-end V6 and V8 powered sports cars. While superchargers delivery power in a smooth, linear manner, their cost, complexity and noise has relegated them to near… Continue Reading...

Pricing Released For 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe

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Mercedes-Benz just announced the pricing for the new CLS coupe starting at $71,300 for the CLS500 to $94,900 for the CLS63 AMG high performance model. The four-door coupe will come equipped with a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 powerplant producing 402-hp. The AMG model gets a 5.5-liter, twin-turbo V8 producing 518-hp. There will also be an AMG… Continue Reading...

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Spied Testing In Germany

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While the Hyundai Veloster made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show, the company has quietly been testing a barely disguised Veloster with something a bit more sinister under the hood. The most likely explanation is that Hyundai is testing a more powerful Veloster, likely with a turbocharger. A turbo Veloster would be the most… Continue Reading...
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