Aston Martin One-77 Now Sold Out

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While many businesses had been hurt badly by the tough economic times, some of which have never recovered, British luxury and sports car manufacturer Aston Martin is thriving. The company just released its full year results for the 12-months ending on December 31, 2011 and are happy to report that the numbers are in the… Continue Reading...

General Motors Regional Divisions Now Profitable, Opel Included

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While General Motors seemed desperate to sell Opel back in 2009, GM CEO Dan Akerson now says that the terms of the sale were a “bad deal” and that Opel, along with GM’s other global divisions, are now profitable. Nick Reilly, GM’s European president, said that GM Europe will be profitable – albeit not by… Continue Reading...

General Motors Posts $3.2 Billion Profit

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General Motors cruised to their fifth straight quarter in the black, announcing a gross profit of $3.2 billion, helped along by a sale of GM subsidiary Delphi for $1.6 billion in March. In a prepared statement, General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said “GM has delivered five consecutive profitable quarters, thanks to strong customer demand for… Continue Reading...

Hyundai Dealer Profits Lagging Behind Other Brands

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Hyundai may arguably be the hottest mainstream brand in the auto industry, but when it comes to dealer profitability, Hyundai dealers seem to lag behind their less popular rivals. In a report by Automotive News, the CEO of a large dealer group told the paper that Hyundai “not yet a good business equation for dealers”…. Continue Reading...

General Motors Posts $4.7 Billion Profit, Hourly Workers to Get $4,300 in Profit Sharing

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General Motors today announced its first full-year numbers after emerging from bankruptcy, posting a $4.7 billion profit after a massive bailout by the U.S. and Canadian governments. Profits for the fourth quarter were a slim percentage of that, however, at just $510 million, due to significant reinvesting in production, marketing and research and development. “Last… Continue Reading...
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