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Yokohama Tire Takes On Fuel Efficiency With Latest Tire Tips Video

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Yokohama Tire Corporation’s latest “Tire Tips” video is out and will educate driver about how your tires play a role in fuel efficiency. This is the fifth instalment in the series that focuses on how you can keep your vehicle and tires optimized for maximum fuel efficiency. Drivers will be surprised that something as easy… Continue Reading...

Do You Know What This Symbol Means? Neither Do One-Third of Drivers

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Pop quiz: What does the symbol above – found on the dashboard of cars and trucks made after 2008 – stand for? A)     Warning: big hips ahead B)      Yikes! Have you put on weight? C)      Oh no! Your big mug is empty D)     Danger! A viking helmet is heading right for you! Actually, it’s none… Continue Reading...