Battery Energy Density to Equal Gasoline by 2045: Report

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  The energy density of today’s automotive batteries does not compare very favorably to good old gasoline. However, researchers and scientists are continually pushing to improve the range and storage capacity of EVs. Continue Reading...

Latin Americas Best Selling Cars Are Unsafe

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In recent years, the number of cars in Latin America homes has grown exponentially. To take advantage of this growing market, car companies are offering cheap models to attract more customers into their showrooms. Some of Latin America’s best selling cars pose high risks of life-threatening injuries and are considered to be two decades behind… Continue Reading...

Nissan Teams Up With Carfax To Provide Car Shoppers With Recall Info

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Nissan North America announced today it will begin sharing information for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles with Carfax, in an effort to provide used-car shoppers with improved access to information on open safety and emissions recalls. “We strive to have recall campaign work completed in a timely fashion,” said John Spoon, vice president, Parts and Service, NNA. “By… Continue Reading...

All-Wheel Drive Cars Could Account For 30 Percent Of Sales By 2015

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According to the Detroit Free Press, all-wheel drive vehicles are increasing in popularity and could account up to 30 percent of all autos sold by 2015. Increasing numbers of consumers are opting for all-wheel drive in all segments, with luxury vehicles representing a significant part of the upward trend. Even American car companies are following… Continue Reading...