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Volvo R-Design Models are Swedish for Sporty

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Under the bright Hollywood lights, ordinary just doesn’t cut it – that’s why this year at the 2013 LA Auto Show, Volvo brought out its R-Design models. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Cars That Should Come With a Stick But Don’t

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If it’s not a diesel-powered, rear-wheel-drive station wagon with a manual transmission, it’s not worth considering, let alone buying. Continue Reading...

2012 Volvo S60 R-Design, XC60 R-Design Get More Power And Torque

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There used to be a time when an “R” badge on a Volvo meant it was very special, a time when a former Formula-One racing team by the name TWR, tweaked a humble Volvo sedan and wagon into an autobahn missile. More recently though, Volvo had ditched the idea of a true performance model and… Continue Reading...

Volvo S60, V60 R-Design: Naughty Volvo Now a Hottie Too [Paris 2010]

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Volvo is adding even more style and a touch more performance to its new S60 and V60 models thanks to an optional R-Design package. Officially unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the R-Spec package is available with any engine choice (in Europe anyway). R-Design models are easily distinguishable by their new front-end, as well as… Continue Reading...