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Top 10 Features New Car Buyers Want

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With self-driving cars heading our way, today’s vehicles are packed with advanced, high-tech features. Continue Reading...

What Are IIHS Ratings?

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Sometimes safety takes a back seat to horsepower, vehicle design and luxury amenities but when you’re in a crash it’s really the only thing that matters. Continue Reading...

IIHS Website Now Lists Safety Features in All Vehicles

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With the abundance of safety features available in modern cars, it could be confusing as to what’s available on each car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has launched a new section on its website that helps simplify car shopping. Continue Reading...

Cadillac XTS Safety Seat Vibrates to Alert Drivers of Danger

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The all-new Cadillac XTS will start production this spring and when it finally hits dealerships, it will be the industry’s first car to feature directional tactile sensation to warn drivers of potential crash threats. While the “directional tactile sensation” name might sound fancy, in laymen’s terms it’s simply vibrations of the driver’s seat bottom. That’s… Continue Reading...

Nissan To Add Advanced Safety Systems To Volume Models

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Watch for Nissan to be adding more safety features to its lower-price models starting in the near future. The automaker just announced it will introduce a host of new safety technologies leading up to 2016. One of the key safety technologies Nissan is developing low-cost sensor-based safety systems. These will be found in  inexpensive mass-market… Continue Reading...

Tips on How To Pick the Right SUV for Your Family

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Oh SUVs, why do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You’re dependable. You’re reliable. You’re always up for an adventure. You look so much cooler than a minivan, yet are able to carry just as many kids. But there are so many to choose from – where do you even start? Not to… Continue Reading...