Electric Vehicles Won’t Reduce US Emissions: Study

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Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed an advanced simulation that projects future emissions in the United States and the results of this study are surprising. Continue Reading...

How do Traffic Jams Start?

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It doesn’t get much better than zipping along in the fast lane on a beautiful day with your favorite tunes pumping and no vehicles ahead of you. But as is often the case this little slice of automotive paradise can quickly turn into the ninth circle of Hell. Continue Reading...

Under the Hood: What is Torque? What is Horsepower?

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Automakers are always looking for an edge over the competition. Any spec-sheet advantage, no matter how insignificant, is fair game. Engine output is often something they brag about. One vehicle may have more horsepower but a competing car could offer more torque. What’s the difference between these two measurements? What do they mean? Surprisingly these… Continue Reading...

MIT Studies Age And Distracted Driving: What Do Young and Old People Notice?

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A new study from MIT has revealed that while distracted driving is a problem for all drivers—and will always be, whenever there’s a bikini car wash or van fire nearby—young people are distracted by different things than the elderly, and as we get older we’re more easily distracted. Young people tend to stray their attention… Continue Reading...