scion tc release series 7.0

Scion tC Release Series 7.0 Gets “High Voltage” Paint, Push-Button Start

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The focal point of a new marketing effort by the brand, Scion has just announced official details on the tC Release Series 7.0. The latest special edition of the Scion sporty coupe this model gets the usual list of add-ons like a TRD body kit and a custom color – called “High Voltage” yellow. Other… Continue Reading...

Scion Targets Older Buyers With New Ads, Because Youth Are Broke

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With the launch of Scion‘s new viral video ad campaign for the “High Voltage” Scion tC Release Series 7.0, the Toyota youth brand is hoping not just to sell cars, but to attract a more mature customer. While the TV spot and YouTube clips, which feature the Greek god Zeus, are aimed at being the… Continue Reading...

Scion Has Viral Hopes for New Ad Campaign Staring Zeus [Video]

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You can’t make a viral video, it just happens. But that doesn’t mean marketing agencies aren’t going to try and spend multi-million dollar budgets trying. The latest such example is Scion‘s new ad campaign. It’s a comedic piece using the Greek god Zeus, who is credited for creating the limited edition “High Voltage” Scion tC… Continue Reading...