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Top 10 Cars That Need An Extra Gear (or two)

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It’s 2014 and there are STILL cars out there with four and five-speed gearboxes. You may be asking “What’s wrong with that?” and the answer is “Everything!” Continue Reading...

2014 Scion tC, iQ, 10 Series Special Editions Priced

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Scion has announced pricing for its 2014 tC and iQ models, along with its 10 Series Edition models which celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. Continue Reading...

Top Ten Cars for Teens

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USAA has compiled a list of the top ten cars for teens based on a recent survey where parents determined their most important factors when choosing a vehicle for their teenager. Those factors were reliability, a high safety rating and affordable auto insurance. At number 10 on the list of top 10 cars for teens… Continue Reading...

Scion xB, xD Models Axed

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When Scion was originally launched in 2003, the automaker intended for its models to follow a “one and done” mantra, which meant each model would be canceled after a single life cycle. But that wasn’t the case due to the popularity of some of its models – namely the xB and tC. After a strong… Continue Reading...
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