Smartphone Box Brings High-End Features to Low-Cost Cars

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Magellan is best known for its navigation systems, but the tech company’s latest gadget will provide access to connected-car features like Bluetooth and music streaming to cheaper vehicles. Continue Reading...

How to Avoid Traffic Jams, or at Least Getting Stuck in Them

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Every time we get behind the wheel we’re at the mercy of a multitude of variables that are simply out of our control. Weather, crashes and highway design flaws can all conspire to turn a short trip a drawn-out nightmare. But what is being done to minimize congestion? Municipalities can do a few things to… Continue Reading...

Gas Milage Android App is Poor on Service and Quality

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Any car from 1996 and newer can have a real-time gas consumption meter thanks to an Android app, but you might not want to pay for it. OBD Mileage is now available for Google Android smartphone users who want to watch their car’s mpg change during hill climbs, highway driving and schlepping around town. The… Continue Reading...

Devium Dash Replaces Your Head Unit with Your Smartphone – Video

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A new Kickstarter project looks to make your smartphone the center of your car stereo needs in not only a painless and effective manner, but in one that won’t break your bank account. Compared to any traditional, high quality head unit, the Devium Dash is complete steal right now for just $250. The retail pricing will… Continue Reading...