Apple’s Market Cap Eclipses Automakers

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Apple is a giant among monsters. This California-based tech firm sells millions upon millions of iDevices and Macintosh computers every year, products that have made them prosperous beyond belief. But could the company have its eye on the automotive industry? Continue Reading...

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Makes Wall Street Debut

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) made its Wall Street Debut today. The Italian company is working to shift its focus from Europe to the United States. Continue Reading...

Ford Cash Dividend Reinstated For Next Quarter

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It seems Ford‘s financial health is improving after an announcement that they will reinstate a cash dividend on their stocks at 5 cents a share. Ford originally abandoned the dividend in 2006 as part of an effort to preserve cash after posting a total of $9 billion in losses the previous five years. They hadn’t… Continue Reading...

UAW Head Bob King Slams Ford CEO’s $56.5 Million Compensation

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UAW chief Bob King slammed Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s $56.5 million stock package, claiming that “I don’t think any human being in the world deserves that much money.” While certain to raise the ire of Ayn Rand fanatics everywhere, King is amping up the rhetoric ahead of the United Auto Workers “bargaining conference” where strategies… Continue Reading...

UAW Official Hopes Ford Will Share Profits Amid Executive Stock Offerings

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With Ford awarding more than $130 million in stock to its top executives, the UAW official in charge of Ford is optimistic that the company will also compensate union members who build the vehicles that Ford sells. “I am going to look at that on the up side and say that I know that they… Continue Reading...