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OnStar Helps Recover Stolen Chrysler 300

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Everyone had to know this was coming the second General Motors announced the For My Vehicle (FMV) OnStar system, an aftermarket setup that can be implemented on any vehicle. The second OnStar’s FMV would help recover a Chrysler, there would be news about it – and here it is. Last weekend, on December 18th, Jean… Continue Reading...

British Thieves Love Stealing The BMW X5

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Lock up your Chelsea tractors: the BMW X5 is the most stolen vehicle in the UK, according to a survey conducted by the research firm Tracker. Tracker surveyed the 10 most stolen and recovered cars in the UK. Rather unsurprisingly, the entire list is comprised of luxury vehicles, including the BMW M3 and Audi RS4…. Continue Reading...

Cadillac Escalade Tops Stolen Vehicle List

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The Cadillac Escalade is the most stolen vehicle in America, according to newly released data by the Highway Loss Data Institute. Using data that measures the number of insurance claims, as well as the payout received, the HLDI’s formula differs from those used by law enforcement agencies that take into account only the number of stolen… Continue Reading...