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Adaptive Cruise Control Seeping Into Affordable Segments

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Did you know that affordable, mainstream cars are getting those impressive, eyebrow-raising features that are usually reserved for high-end luxury cars? Continue Reading...

Top 10 Affordable Cars With Adaptive Cruise Control

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Adaptive cruise control is common on many high-end cars, but did you know that a massive monthly payment isn’t necessary to access the technology? Cars with adaptive cruise control will slow down and speed up according to the vehicle ahead, making highway commuting much easier. Some systems will even stop the car completely and then… Continue Reading...

How Cars Know if You’re Sleepy or Distracted

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Hazards posed by distracted driving are much older than widespread smartphone use. Continue Reading...

Subaru Debuts Improved EyeSight System for 2015 Models

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Subaru has revealed its next-generation EyeSight driver assistance system which now features color stereo cameras that deliver approximately 40 percent longer and wider detection range. Continue Reading...
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