Driving Continental’s Ultra-Efficient Gasoline Technology Car

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Automotive supply company Continental has been hard at work developing 48-volt automotive electrical systems. This technology promises huge fuel economy improvements at minimal cost, though it should also deliver these upsides with no sacrifice in driving comfort. Continue Reading...

Electrical System Four Times More Powerful Coming Soon

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Vehicles equipped with more powerful 48-volt electrical systems will start hitting the road in significant quantities in the near future. This shift will increase fuel efficiency considerably without breaking the bank. Continue Reading...

Continental Unveils Anti Road Departure System

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Numerous automotive technologies help prevent crashes, from stability control and lane-keep assist to blind-spot monitoring and automatic braking. But none of these features can prevent you from driving off the road, which is an incredibly dangerous situation. Continue Reading...

Driving the Future with Continental

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Continental is a German supplier that provides all kinds of components to automakers, from turbochargers and transmission-control units to radar sensors and instrument clusters. Continue Reading...

Continental Develops Fuel-Saving Electrical System

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Modern vehicles feature electrical systems that operate on 12 volts. This has pretty much been the industry standard since about the mid-1950s. But engineers at Continental are working to really step things up. Continue Reading...

Supplier Testing Cylinder Deactivation on 3-Cylinder Engines

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Fuel economy is a top concern these days as automakers, suppliers and consumers alike strive to stretch every drop of petroleum as far as possible. Cylinder deactivation is a key way of bolstering the large-print numbers on a vehicle’s window sticker. Continue Reading...
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