GM Confirms Commitment to Opel, No Plans to Sell Says CEO Akerson

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Nevertheless, speculation, particularly in the German media continues, with reports that GM is ‘reviewing options’ for its European unit, with possibly Volkswagen AG and Bejing Automotive Industry Holding Co being named as potential buyers. Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Makes Bid For MAN Heavy Trucks

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Both MAN and Scania are somewhat unique in the commercial vehicle sector in that they don’t rely on proprietary sources for major components such as engines, choosing instead to build their own. This aspect alone will give a new triumvirate a very solid position in the commercial vehicle market. Continue Reading...

Saab Deal With Volvo Apparently A No Go

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However, Volvo has now gone on the record, stating that no such talks have taken place. In the meantime, Saab CEO Victor Mueller, is continuing to look for other sources to tap into for capital, including Chinese automakers. Continue Reading...