Terrafugia Flying Car Video, First Look: 2012 NY Auto Show

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It’s not science fiction any more. A company called Terrafugia was on hand at this week’s New York Auto Show, showing off a flying car – with video proof that it both flies and drives. Actually more of a driving airplane, the Terrafugia team has been working on this car for years, completely revamping a… Continue Reading...

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car More of a Street Legal Airplane: 2012 NY Auto Show

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It’s not science fiction, it’s a genuine flying car. Unveiled today at the New York International Auto Show the Terrafugia Transition is actually more of a street-legal airplane designed for occasional use on the road. Still, it is certified for the street using an aircraft engine that powers the rear wheels and can get 35… Continue Reading...

The Future Is Here: Terrafugia Flying Car Approved By NHTSA

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Welcome to the future our forefathers were dreaming about: the flying car is finally here! Well, you still need a runway, but we’re getting close to catching up with the Jetsons! That’s right—the only flying car you can buy today has just been approved for terrestrial driving by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The… Continue Reading...