Tools & Equipment

If you’re an avid at-home wrencher, a professional mechanic, or just want work on your car from time to time, you will need the right tools and’s Tools & Equipment page will help you find the best products and advice on stocking your garage. If you’re looking for tips on buying the best impact wrench, jacks and jack stands, OBD2 scanners, portable jump starters, air compressors, car vacuums, and more, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Power Inverters for Your Car

USB ports don't put out enough power for bigger accessories, so here are the best power inverters for your car.

2 weeks ago

The Best Home EV Chargers

If you live in an area with underdeveloped infrastructure, there's a good chance you're going to have to install a…

1 month ago

The Best Portable Tire Inflators and Air Compressors

You don't want to drive on underinflated or overinflated tires. Make it convenient to keep your tires properly inflated by…

2 months ago

The Best Pressure Washers for Cleaning Your Car

Having a hard time deciding which pressure washer is right for you? Have a read through our handy guide.

2 months ago

Top 5 Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners

How to save hundreds by doing DIY diagnostic scanning on your car.

2 months ago

The Best Radar Detectors

We take a look at the best radar detectors currently available, explaining their features and hopefully finding one that fits…

2 months ago

The Best Steam Cleaners for Your Car

The best steam cleaners will help give your car the extremely thorough clean it deserves but will also come in…

3 months ago

The Best Car Vacuums

There are overwhelming options available for car vacuums, but we look at the pros and cons of 10 solid choices…

3 months ago

The Best Portable Car Jump Starters

There are numerous jump starter models available on the market. They all offer different features to deliver roadside assistance and…

3 months ago

The Best Car Scratch Removers to Fix Your Paint

You don't have to be a car detailing expert to remove scratches. Take a look at the best car scratch…

6 months ago