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US Auto Sales Growth Ahead Of China For First Time In Over A Decade

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For the first time in at least 14 years, China’s auto sales growth trailed America’s after China’s government ended stimulus measures and their economic expansion started plateauing. Total vehicle sales in China rose 2.5-percent to 18.5-million, compared with the 3-percent median estimate from five analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Even though the country remains the world’s… Continue Reading...

US Diesel Sales Surge as Hybrid’s Fall in 2011

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US diesel sales rose 27.4-percent in 2011 while hybrid sales dropped 2.2-percent, numbers that reflect a changing automotive climate in America and fly in the face of conventional stereotypes about diesel cars. But thanks to offerings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the Volkswagen Group, diesel-powered passenger vehicle sales are on the rise in America. The 2.2-percent… Continue Reading...

April Sales Figures: Small Cars Trump Big Trucks

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April’s U.S. sales figures are in, and to the surprise of exactly no one, $4-gallon gas and continuing unrest in basically everywhere has led to a surge in small car sales. As far as small cars go, Kia, Scion and MINI were the front-runners: Kia sales shot up by 57 percent, while MINI’s increased by… Continue Reading...