Two Easter Jeep Safari Concepts Teased

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In just a couple weeks the 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari is set to take place once again in Moab, Utah. Ahead of the big jamboree, this off-road brand has revealed teaser images of the concepts it’ll be unveiling at this legendary event. Continue Reading...

Top 10 States with the Rudest Drivers

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Aggressive maneuvering, horns blaring, center-most fingers locked in their upright positions, these are but a few hallmarks of ill-mannered motoring. Surly, rushed or otherwise incompetent drivers cause mayhem on America’s country roads and urban thoroughfares. Continue Reading...

MINI Take the States: Wrap Up

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I tagged along for a two legs of MINI Takes the States, an epic cross-country road rally that’s put on by the company. I participated in just two sections of this continent-spanning trip, but that was still enough for me to experience four Midwestern states and some 700 miles of America. But there’s much more… Continue Reading...

Mazda Adventure Rally Day 3: Silver Screen Landmarks and More

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Welcome back to AutoGuide’s exploits at the Mazda Adventure Rally. We rejoin team Eunos Cosmo (Sami and Mike) as they hunt for big screen landmarks, highway signs and a trip to an historically hallowed ground. Do they still have a chance at first place? We’ll know soon. Despite the dizzying altitude, wild roads, gusty winds and… Continue Reading...