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Top Five Reasons to Drive a Station Wagon

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Station wagons are a rare breed these days and the crossover craze is squarely to blame for their slow-motion demise. Continue Reading...

GM Investing $1.2 Billion in Fort Wayne Pickup Plant

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Trucks are big business in North America and the Detroit Three reap a lot of their profits from these rough-and-tumble vehicles. To stay ahead of its rivals GM just announced that it’s “makin’ it rain in Fort Wayne” by sinking $1.2 billion into this Indiana pickup plant. Continue Reading...

Toyota Prius v vs. Ford C-Max Hybrid vs. Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

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Whether they come in the form of a subcompact hatchback or a full-sized pickup, hybrids are some of the most technically advanced vehicles on the road today. Blending the best of internal combustion and electric propulsion these cars and trucks can save drivers major dollars at the filling station thanks to their Star Wars-grade technology… Continue Reading...