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7 Reasons Why the Lexus IS 500 is the Perfect Car for Driving Enthusiasts

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The Lexus IS 500 isn’t just an exciting new sports sedan, it’s a unicorn. That’s because when Lexus first decided to put the IS 500 into production, they relied on a simple philosophy: put a big engine in a small car, and make it go really fast. But this car is so much more than… Continue Reading...

Ford Building New Big-Block V8 for Heavy Trucks: Here’s a Deep Dive for Engine Nerds

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We have the scoop on all the engineering details on this new engine. Continue Reading...

Audi 4.2-Liter V8 to Live On: Report

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For all their glory, the smoothness they’re known for, the melodious noises they make, the low-end torque they produce, modern V8 engines are fading away faster than childhood memories of fat camp. But in spite of this unfortunate disappearing act one engine is apparently here to stay. Continue Reading...
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