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Gran Turismo 5 Red Bull X1 Prototype Officially Revealed [Video]

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Back in September, we were teased with Gran Turismo 5’s ultimate car – Red Bull’s X1 Prototype. Then we found out that Sony was just teasing us on Gran Turismo 5’s release date. In a bid to keep up interest and try and make us believe GT5 will ever arrive, they’ve released the official photos… Continue Reading...

Red Bull X1 Prototype: The Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Car

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The most high performance vehicle you can obtain in Gran Turismo 5 isn’t a Ferrari, or an Audi Le Mans prototype race car. In fact, it’s not something that actually exists, nor is it a tied to any manufacturer. No, it’s the Red Bull X1 Prototype, a virtual race car designed to be as realistic… Continue Reading...

BMW X1 Prototype Spied Mostly Uncovered

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Until now the only decent photos of the upcoming BMW X1 have been the imitation spy photos that BMW released. And those pics hardly showed the car, with plenty of camoflauge used to cover up the front and rear. Now, thanks to the folks at WorldCarFans we have some exceptional pics that show the entry-level… Continue Reading...