Volkswagen Distracted Driving Commercial has Nothing to do With Cars – Video

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Normally a car commercial shows dramatic driving, talkgin about the new features or somehow otherwise tries to turn your attention to the latest model. One of Volkswagen‘s latest commercials throws that out the window in favor of shock value. Partnering with a YouTube how-to makeup artist, the the spot shows viewers how to bedazzle their… Continue Reading...

Stunt Driving Fail: Always Wear Your Seat Belt Edition [Video]

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Disclaimers exist for a reason: some things really are best left to professionals – for instance, stunt car driving. In this video, a couple of thrill seekers decide it’ll be cool to pull a few extreme moves for the camera. After kicking up some smoking donuts, the driver decides to take on a sharp turn… Continue Reading...

OK Go and Chevy Sonic Make Beautiful Music Together

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The band OK Go is known for its funky music videos. This time around, OK Go has teamed up with Chevrolet for its newest viral video. But instead of using choreographed moves on a treadmill, the band is using a Chevy Sonic to play instruments. In order for the Chevy Sonic to play instruments on… Continue Reading...

Nissan Gaining Social Media Steam

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Automakers have seen the benefits that social media can have on its brands, and as a result, are spending more time (and money) cultivating a presence on these online channels. And this effort is paying off – especially for Nissan. Nissan North America has been interacting with fans of its brands through social media and… Continue Reading...

Inside the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center

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Any self respecting car company these days has to have a presence on social media sites, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. This German brand has their own channel of YouTube called MercedesBenzReporter, and they use this channel to inform the public about their latest models. However in a recent episode, they covered not a car,… Continue Reading...