Top 10 Most Desirable Cars from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

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At least in the U.K. Continue Reading...

Top 5 Exotic Cars of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

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The Geneva Motor Show is famous for being the event where all the world’s best supercars and exotics debut. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Boutique Supercars You Didn’t Know Existed

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The 2016 Geneva Motor Show reminded us just how many boutique supercars exist in the world. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars of 2012

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The list of the Top 10 most expensive new cars is even more shocking that you might expect. Released by Forbes, you can forget the Ferrari 458 or the $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador because even at the low end of the scale these models start at right around the one million mark. In 10th place, at… Continue Reading...

Zenvo ST1 and Dartz Kombat To Be Sold In North America

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Red Sea Distribution, an Indiana based importing firm, is bringing two European oddities to North America. The Zenvo ST1 is a $1.25 million sports coupe with a twin-turbo, mid-mounted 7.0L Corvette V8 that makes 1,104 horsepower and hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Only 15 will be made, so act fast. Readers of… Continue Reading...
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