2011 Tokyo Motor Show Coverage

2011 Tokyo Motor Show Coverage

A lackluster economy and struggling auto sales over the past few years have really hurt the Tokyo Motor Show, but that will change this year. While financial collapse is still in the headlines and the Japanese auto industry continues to emerge from the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, one car will put the Tokyo front and center: the Toyota FT-86.

While there will be numerous debuts from the big Japanese automakers (including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru), the focus will be on the big T’s new affordable sports car; a vehicle that was crafted to rebrand Toyota. And let’s also not forget it’s Subaru sibling, the BRZ, which is also expected to make it’s official debut in Tokyo.

Top 2011 Tokyo Motor Show News

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept Previews Subie’s First Hybrid

Overwhelming proof that wagons, and for that matter hybrids, can in fact be cool, is the Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today, the car is powered by the next evolution of Subaru’s hybrid powertrain that is expected to arrive in a production model in 2013. A followup to the Hybrid...

Honda EV-STER Electric Sports Car is a 21st Century Beat

The star attraction of Honda’s Tokyo Motor Show press conference is an all-new electric sports car concept. Initially billed as the Small Sports EV Concept, at it’s debut Honda is now referring to the car as the EV-STER. The rear wheel drive two seater looks like a spiritual successor to the Beat sporty car. Measuring...

Subaru BRZ Super GT Race Car is a Show Stopper

With photos of Subaru‘s new BRZ sports car already floating around the net, perhaps the real star of the Subaru booth at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is the BRZ Super GT race car. Built to compete in Japan’s Super GT series, in which cars often have little to do with their production versions, the...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show Coverage

Honda CR-Z Turbo Could Arrive This Year