2024 Ford Maverick Makes Hybrid $1,500 Upcharge, Loses Three Colors

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
2024 ford maverick makes hybrid 1 500 upcharge loses three colors

The Cyber Orange color pictured here isn't an option anymore.

The Ford Maverick was definitely the darling of everyone in search of, well, a fuel-efficient, cheap vehicle made by Ford. The Maverick came on the scene in 2021 advertising a sub-$20,000 price point, standard hybrid powertrain with fuel economy bettering 40 MPG. However, Ford has struggled to meet the overwhelming demand. Now, after two model years on the market, the price is going up again.

In a presumably accidental leak to some Maverick owners on the order and reservation lists, the pricing of the 2024 Maverick has been revealed. Interestingly, Ford’s flipped the price differential between the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and the hybrid. The hybrid was the no-cost option, and the turbo engine was an upcharge, but now the turbo engine is the no-cost option, and the Hybrid is a $1,500 surcharge.

Coupled with the slightly more expensive destination fee, the Maverick’s price is actually quite a bit up. The base XL now starts at $24,995, and the XL hybrid is now $26,495 – a long way from the sub $20,000 price of two years ago. The most expensive Maverick is the Lariat Hybrid, which now starts at a whopping $35,730. Also, the Maverick loses three colors, including its eye-catching Cyber Orange paint.

These are no doubt very big price increases. Will the Maverick retain its success despite such a big price bump? Only time will tell. Order books for the 2024 model year open July 17.

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