2025 Jeep Wagoneer S Revealed: Meet the 600-Horsepower Grand Cherok-EV

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Jeep’s first global EV targets the largest segment, with impressive performance and range.

At a dedicated event in the heart of Manhattan, Jeep on Thursday revealed the production version of the 2025 Wagoneer S. The brand’s first global all-electric model—following Europe’s pint-sized Avenger—the Wagoneer S will whir into the mid-sized premium SUV segment later this year.

If you’re thinking this looks like an electrified Grand Cherokee well, you’re onto something. The first two-row Wagoneer is only an inch shorter overall, stretching 192.4 inches (4,886 millimeters) in length. The face evolves the classic seven-slot Jeep grille, because there are no slots: this is an EV after all. Instead, Jeep designers used small recesses and indirect light to produce the familiar look. There are other classic Jeep cues too, like the trapezoidal wheelarches and strong shoulder line. A full-width taillight isn’t too surprising these days, but an enormous rear spoiler above the rear window sure is, especially for a Jeep. The result is a drag coefficient of just 0.29—the lowest the brand has ever managed.

The model you see here is the Launch Edition, the first trim out the gate and the range-topper. It rolls on 20-inch black wheels with coordinating dark accents peppering the bodywork. Jeep has made a conscious decision to ditch chrome here, acknowledging its less-than-ideal impact on the environment. Nice.

Underpinning this latest Jeep model is the STLA Large platform. Jeep says this improves structural rigidity by 35-percent over the comparable previous platform, and can be tailored in length, width and wheelbase for each application. In this case, the big battery pack under the floor is a nice, round 100-kilowatt-hour item. This 400-volt battery feeds two electric drive modules (EDMs) of Stellantis’ own design, one at each axle. The headline figures will make it the most powerful available Jeep for ’25, producing 600 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque.

Jeep took numerous opportunities to spotlight the Wagoneer S’ performance chops at the reveal, including a (heavily edited) video facing off against the Tesla Model Y Performance on a track. The S then heads off the circuit to meet up with the previous-generation Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Despite being down over 100 horsepower from that supercharged meanie, the S just inches ahead in the dash to 60 mph (96 km/h), its 3.4-second run besting the elder by a tenth.

Jeep is targeting at least 300 miles (480 kilometers) of range, with final EPA certification to arrive soon. The brand quotes a 20–80 percent charge time in as little as 23 minutes; it’s important to note most companies measure 10–80. Every Wagoneer S will come with a 48-amp level two home charger from Free2move, or public charging credits.

Impressively, the Wagoneer S doesn’t pack on too many pounds over a comparable Grand Cherokee 4xe. A bog-standard version of the PHEV model tips the scales at at 5,368 pounds (2,435 kilograms; the Wagoneer S weighs 5,667 lb (2,571 kg).

Inside, the Wagoneer S is pretty standard Jeep—and that’s no bad thing, as these are some of the nicest cabins in the segment. The two-row layout is marked out by plenty of recycled or sustainable materials, be it the “Cabo Vinyl” (faux-leather that yes, feels convincing) or the carpeting. As is the case with chrome on the exterior, Jeep has made a conscious decision to move away from wood inside, targeting a younger audience. To that end, it has also—mercifully—excised most piano black. In its place is a smooth-feeling ceramic coating, which feels more premium and should resist scratches much better.

This is a modern Jeep, so there is of course a huge swath of screen real estate—some 45 inches all told. This includes a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, a central touchscreen measuring the same size, and a standard 10.25-inch front passenger display. On top of that, there is a head-up display and a fold-away central climate screen. When the latter is tucked up, it reveals a wireless charger.

A long list of driver assists is standard, from an Active Driving Assist to a 360-degreee camera. Jeep promises the Wagoneer S will “continue to evolve” by way of over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Whe the Wagoneer S arrives in the US and Canada this fall, it will list for $71,995 ($91,790 CAD) including destination. This drops it right into the thick of the Grand Cherokee 4xe lineup in America. Like other STLA Large models, the Wagoneer S will be produced in Stellantis’ plant in Toluca, Mexico.

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Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

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