Nissan Titan Discontinued After 2024 Model Year

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
nissan titan discontinued after 2024 model year

After 20 years of sales, Nissan exits the full-sized pickup truck arena.

The full-sized pickup seems to be a market that, on its face, is guaranteed cash flow. Ford, GM, Stellantis, and even Toyota manage to sell tens of thousands of full-sized pickups each month. Yet, Nissan’s Titan has always been a distant fourth place, with that gap widening with the latest generation. Now, Nissan’s decided to go ahead and end production of the Titan at the end of the summer.

Initially reported from a leaked internal memo posted by The Autopian, Nissan later confirmed the news: the Titan is dead:

“Production of the Nissan Titan is scheduled to end summer 2024 at our Canton plant in Mississippi. Under Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision of an electrified future, we are accelerating the process of transforming the Canton plant with the latest in EV manufacturing technology. This will support production of two all-new, all-electric vehicles. There will be no workforce reductions due to this action.

Titan has been an important nameplate for Nissan in North America for 20 years, and we’re grateful to the dealers, customers, and thousands of employees who have played pivotal roles throughout Titan's lifecycle."

For its last act, the Titan’s price has risen for 2024, mostly because Nissan has killed the base S model. The cheapest Titan now starts at $47,665 for the SV model, well above the mid $30,000 starting prices of most of its competitors.

Now that the Titan is being phased out, the Canton, MS plant’s newfound focus on EVs could be just what the brand needs to assert itself back into the EV market. The Leaf is also due for replacement, and the Ariya does not qualify for US EV Tax subsidies because it is built in Japan. Canceling the slow-selling Titan, to instead build an affordable EV made in the same plant could be a very wise move for Nissan.

Still, Nissan does have the mid-sized Frontier available for Nissan buyers in search of a pickup truck. If you want something bigger from Nissan, well, then you’re out of luck.

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