Exclusive: New Rolls-Royce Could Be Named Revenant

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
rolls royce revenant could be another ultra luxury ev

Is Rolls-Royce readying a new model?

Rolls-Royce may be letting the all-new Spectre bask in the glory of the new model launch news cycle, but is another model coming? According to a patent found from VerticalScope, BMW has filed a trademark application for the name “Revenant.”

Rolls-Royce has been known for using its ghostly, apparition-like names for a while now. Names like Ghost, Seraph, Shadow, and now Spectre (which translates to ghost), are part and parcel of the brand’s ultra-luxury ethos. Revenant is an old term for someone who has returned from a long absence, or returned from the dead. It’s commonly associated with old European folklore, used interchangeably with the word ghost.

This fits Rolls-Royce's ghostly theme and could give a clue as to what’s next for the brand. The Revenant could be a hotted-up trim of the Spectre. Or, more than likely, the Revenant could be the next model on Rolls-Royce’s new EV platform.

The Spectre is good, but the coach-door opening coupe body style reminiscent of the now-departed Dawn two-door is a fairly limited market, even amongst the ultra-luxury buyer. Rolls-Royce plans to go full EV, and the brand will need more than a strikingly gorgeous coupe to do that. The Revenant could be a four-door sedan, possibly a direct EV replacement for the current Ghost sedan.

Whatever the case, the trademark was filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office very recently, on June 13. If Rolls-Royce does have a model coming with this name, we’ll probably learn about it very, very soon.

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