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In a twist nobody saw coming, Honda is dusting off the Prelude name and slapping it on a sleek new hybrid.

This revelation dropped like a bombshell at the Tokyo Mobility Show last October, where Honda rolled out a tantalizing concept that had everyone buzzing. Forget about that pure EV nonsense – this bad boy runs on a cocktail of gas and electrons. Honda confirmed this new Prelude will arrive in Europe, but North America still waits in suspense.

Just to spice things up, Honda painted the concept in a bold red, swapping out the original white. A subtle carbon fiber body kit with a rear spoiler completes the makeover. The black 20-inch wheels from last year’s concept are still hanging around, looking meaner than ever.

But don't get too excited – those blacked-out windows are a clear sign that Honda isn’t ready to let us peek inside. They’re calling it a concept, but let's be real, this thing looks pretty much ready to roll off the assembly line. Regular side mirrors? Check. That’s a dead giveaway this isn't some pie-in-the-sky dream car. This Prelude looks like it could fit right in at your local Honda dealer.

Now, here’s where things get murky. Honda's playing it coy with the specs. Their latest press release is heavy on marketing fluff and light on actual info, promising the “joy of driving” with a vague nod to efficiency and dynamics. Chief engineer Tomoyuki Yamagami threw us a bone, admitting the Prelude isn’t going to be a track star. It's more about a balanced drive, not blitzing around circuits.

Designed for both left- and right-hand drive, the Prelude is set to be a four-seater, likely a 2+2 setup. The speculation has the Prelude showing up as a coupe version of the hybrid Civic, using the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a couple of electric motors good for 200 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque.

Before we see the production model, slated for a mid-2020s debut, Honda’s taking the red Prelude concept to the Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 11-14. It’s a chance for the world to ogle and speculate while we wait for Honda to spill the beans.

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