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Derrek Sigler
by Derrek Sigler

A car cover is something I’ve wished I had on more than one occasion. My first car out of high school was hammered by hail and almost totaled, and I had a family-owned car that we stored for several years that the sun took a toll on. We bought our son a Honda CR-V for his first car, and while it is far from perfect, it has been a great vehicle. He worked hard and bought himself something different to go to college with, and we decided to keep the dependable Honda around as a spare vehicle for the family to use. This time, I was smart and got a custom cover from Covers & All.

Perfect Fit

You start by going to the Covers & All website, and selecting the exact vehicle you have by year, make, and model. This gives you an exact fit, which is vital to getting the best protection for your SUV. Having a precise fit is important to have it truly protect your vehicle. I had a buddy who bought a cheap, generic cover for his wife’s car and it fit very loosely, so much so that when they got a little bit of wind, it blew away and he never found it. But at least he still hears about it…mostly from me.

The Covers & All cover has an elastic band around the bottom for a snug fit, and it had enough extra room to fit with the roof rack on the Honda, something that I was a little worried about. To help secure it even more, there is a strap with a buckle that goes under the vehicle. There are even specialized pockets for your side mirrors.

The cover folds down and comes with a convenient carry bag. Putting it on is easy, too. One person can do it in under two minutes, at least with this size of vehicle. The portability and ease of installation mean that you can throw it in your cargo space and put it on quickly should you go somewhere and park your vehicle with some weather coming in. I am likely getting one for my wife’s van, as it has a lot of windows and is hard to keep clean.


The cover is made from a non-woven, 240GSM-weight, polyester material with double stitching and welded seams for added durability. The inside of the cover is smooth so as not to scratch your paint, and the fit is generous to prevent any rubbing, which can cause bad stuff to happen. The material is anti-static and breathable, too, so added moisture won’t build up on your car, making it great for rainy days during the summer heat when a cover can act as a greenhouse. It is weather resistant and has not leaked with the weird rain storms we’ve had around here this winter, and snow slides off as well.

The Covers & All car cover also protects from harmful UV rays and comes with either a 10-year warranty or a lifetime one, depending upon which model you go with. We opted for the Duro Luxe model, which has all the bells and whistles. It offers improved tear and weather resistance, along with double premium stitching for added durability. I am fairly certain the cover will outlive the car, and it’s a Honda, so that says something.

Added Custom Touches

Not only can you select your exact car for the cover, you can also pick the color combinations. You can go with a solid cover, or you can do as we did and go with a combination. Our cover is black and grey, with reflective red piping on the seams. My son likes to joke that the cover makes it look like we’ve got something cool and fast under the cover, instead of his old Silver CR-V, which for some reason, he doesn’t think is as cool as he should. He didn’t have to pay for it, and I put a complete set of Yokohama Geolander MT tires on it. It doesn’t get stuck, that is for sure.

Since I couldn’t fit the Honda in our garage, and I just didn’t want to part with it, the Covers & All Custom Car Cover for our Honda CR-V was a great buy at around $230. Usually, I can find a few things to be critical of when I take a hard look at any product, but this time, I really can’t. This car cover checks all the boxes for what I’d want and it looks really cool, too – a definite added bonus. It has held up to some serious Michigan rainfall, snowfall, winds, and more, and does exactly what the company claims it will do.

Covers & All also makes covers for just about every truck and sedan on the road, so you should be able to find exactly what you need.

Derrek Sigler
Derrek Sigler

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