The Ford Fiesta Could Come Back As VW-Based EV

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
the ford fiesta could come back as vw based ev

Could the Ford Fiesta come back as an EV?

The Ford Fiesta left North America in 2018, but a new generation soldiered on in Europe for a little while longer. Well, not that much longer – Ford officially ended European production on July 7, after 47 years of production. The Cologne, Germany plant that made the Fiesta is being retooled to make the VW-based, compact Ford Explorer EV.

The Explorer EV is a much different car than the Ford Fiesta ever was. Although the European Explorer EV is smaller than the US and Canadian Market Explorer, it’s still far bigger and more expensive than the subcompact Ford Fiesta. In a continent where drivers have historically gravitated toward smaller vehicles, Ford’s lack of entry seems glaring. However, Ford isn’t ruling out bringing the Fiesta back, but as a VW-based EV product.

“(Ford has) a very constructive and positive cooperation with Volkswagen and we are possibly exploring opportunities to take that to the next level.” said Ford Europe passenger car boss Martin Sander. “Nothing has been decided, but I don't want to rule (an electric Fiesta) out," Sander told Automotive News Europe.

If the Fiesta does come, it could likely be based on Volkswagen’s forthcoming ID.2 All subcompact hatchback concept. The ID.2 All is supposed to start under 25,000 EUR, far cheaper than the 45,000 EUR price of the Explorer EV. Ford might not be all that keen on selling small car-shaped things in North America anymore, but given how there’s a dearth of affordable EVs, we can’t see a world where the Fiesta EV doesn’t make it to the US and Canada.

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