2025 Bentley Continental and GT Speed Arrive

AutoGuide.com News Staff
by AutoGuide.com News Staff
The Continental GT Speed will take you to the 200 mph club.

Bentley has introduced the updated Continental GT and GTC Speed, featuring a new hybrid V-8 powertrain.

The new hybrid powertrain–replacing the beloved W12–produces 779 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful Bentley to date. The package is good for a top speed of 208 miles per hour.

The GTC's hybrid system is basically the same used by other high-end plug-ins from its VW Group cousins like the Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini Urus SE. It includes a 25.9-kilowatt-hour battery pack located in the back which powers an electric MGU between the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine and the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The electric motor alone delivers 187.4 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, which is mainly used as torque fill. It can also drive the car independently of the engine up to a top speed of 87 mph, with a range of 50 miles on the European WLTP test cycle.

The convertible GT Speed is limited to 177 mph.

The V-8 engine in the Continental GT has been updated with new single-scroll turbochargers and a higher-pressure fuel injection system, generating 592 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque on its own. The combined system torque of the Continental GT Speed is less than the sum of the V-8 and motor torque due to different peak torque points.

The car now has a rear-biased weight distribution for the first time, with the battery's rear mounting contributing to a 49:51 front-rear split. The Speed model also features standard rear-wheel steering and active anti-roll bars.

New single headlamps, replacing the twin headlamp design associated with the Continental since 2003, is the key exterior design change. The rear features more intricately detailed taillights. Further upgrades include new twin-valve dampers for individual compression and rebound adjustments and two-chamber air springs.

For those preferring a convertible, the Continental GTC Speed offers a top speed of 177 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, slightly slower than the coupe's 3.1 seconds. Production and deliveries of both the GT and GTC Speed are set to begin at Bentley's Crewe factory in the third quarter of this year.

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AutoGuide.com News Staff
AutoGuide.com News Staff

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