2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Review: 5 Doors are Better Than 4

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee
The 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is a sleeker small luxury sedan that includes a liftgate instead of a trunk

2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Quick Take

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe returns to Canada this year as a limited edition, with just 300 units on offer. Available in the United States for years, this so-called four-door coupe can’t escape the question as to whether it’s unique enough to differentiate from the 3 Series sedan.

To revisit this query, we borrow a 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe to see if there is still room for this car in the brand’s crowded 3 / 4 series lineups.

BMW’s approach of multiple body styles over multiple vehicle segments might seem like overkill, but it’s a plan to make sure every base is covered. Take the compact-ish market for instance. There is the BMW 3 Series Sedan, the 4 Series Coupe, the 4 Series Convertible, and even the 4 Series Gran Coupe. The latter has rear doors much like the 3 Series but differs by having a more raked rear roof that ditches a traditional trunk in favor of a liftback.

Within the 4 Series Gran Coupe family, there’s plenty of sub-choices as well. There is the entry level 430i, the sportier M440i, and no fewer than three different i4 all-electric versions to choose from. Although the i4 models have no direct 3 Series siblings to compete with, the M440i certainly does.

To see if there still is a case to be made for the M440i Gran Coupe over a M340i sedan, we grabbed one for a week of evaluation and testing.

What’s New for 2024: Depends Where You Live

The current 4 Series is in its final years as we know it. But just because it’s going to be replaced, that doesn’t mean BMW has forgotten about it. As new standard equipment for 2024, the car receives a new toggle gear selector, iDrive 8, and the brand’s curved screen that includes a 12.3-inch driver information center and 14.9-inch infotainment screen. There are other interior and exterior trim updates for various models as well.

The bigger news occurs in Canada where the was no 4 Series Gran Coupe on offer last year. For the 2024 model year this body style returns in very limited numbers. Called the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Legacy Edition, just 300 of these cars will be made in one of six color combinations. For our test, we have the Brooklyn Grey over Tacora Red Vernasca Leather version.

2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Exterior Style: Mostly Great

We like the side profile of the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe as it flow front to rear

The M440i comes with many nice touches like the M rear spoiler and aerodynamic winged mirrors. Our tester included the Shadowline Package, which includes M Sport brakes with red calipers, extended Shadowline Trim, and M Shadowline Lights. The other big exterior upgrade are the optional 20-inch wheels, which we’re a fan of.

What we’re still not a fan of is the 4 Series’ overall front fascia design. A restyle of the nose can’t come soon enough. A bit of a novelty we still find cool are pillarless doors, and this car has four of them.

Powertrain and Fuel Economy: Smooth and Semi-Quiet

The 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine

Within BMW’s hierarchy, the 40 in M440i refers to the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine. Here, it makes a healthy 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Coupled to one of the best 8-speed automatic transmissions in the industry, the all-wheel drive liftback can scoot from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

That stated, the 8-speed auto is less frantic in this application than in full M cars. Gear changes a fraction slower for the sake of smoother transitions. It’s a similar story for the engine noise. BMW’s inline-six sounds quite good inside the cabin, and Sport+ mode gives it a bit more volume, though it’s never overly load. There’s a nice growl at higher rpms and it will induce the odd exhaust pop and bang off-throttle. But it’s nothing like the pops and cracks some other M Sport models produce.

Those interested in fuel economy, the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe achieves 22 mpg city and 30 mpg highway.

Handling and Drivability: Heavy, But Still a BMW

The upgraded 20-inch wheels help to keep the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe's over 4,000 pound curb weight in control

Handling is quite like engine performance in that the M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is wholly capable attacking a corner, but with a softer edge. Part of this is due to the car’s 4,169 lbs (1,891 kg) curb weight. Even with the upgraded 245/35R20 front and 255/35R20 rear tires, that’s a good deal of weight to wrangle under control.

Assisting the grippy tires are a trio of M sport bits: the brakes, differential, and optional M adaptive suspension. It all adds up to a car that handles well, tackling corners by rotating on an axis that feels near neutral. The car’s weight is well distributed, not feeling overly concentrated to either the front or rear. This helps in making it easy to feel when the limits of the tires are approaching, without the car getting all out of shape.

The front grille of the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe remains a point controversary with most not liking the design

The steering has nice weight and feel to it, keeping the driver informed of what’s happening with the front tires at all times. The brakes are equally reassuring, feeling firm and very strong. There’s never a thought or worry that they won’t get the hefty five-door stopped in time.

Speaking of heft, the M440i drives like a bigger car than it is, which is good and bad. The good is it feels solid on the road, as if crosswinds or pavement grooves could never drag it off the car’s intended path. The bad is, despite all the impressive mechanical bits and capabilities, the 440i is missing some of the nimble driver/car connection BMW is known for.

Ride Quality and Comfort: No Sacrifices Here

A bit of rear seat headroom is sacrificed in the name of style for the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe

For all the grip and capability of the M440i’s chassis, ride comfort is unaffected. The adjustable suspension in comfort mode is quite soft and absorbs most bumps drama free. Even in the most aggressive Sport+, the suspension isn’t overtly stiff, still providing ample ride comfort. A hard-riding sport sedan this is not, which is nice.

Inside, front seat passengers receive 41.5 inches (1,054 mm) of ample legroom. Headroom is listed at 38.6-inches (980 mm) and should be good for most drivers. The rear seat is where things get a bit snug, with only 34.9-inches (886 mm) of legroom, and more importantly, just 36.6-inches (930 mm) of headroom. The latter is about an inch less than the BMW M340i. That’s the drawback to these coupe-looking liftback sedans like the M440i, there’s usually a sacrifice in rear seat space in the name of style.

A benefit of the liftback though is cargo room. Although the M440i comes up a bit short to the M340i in terms of cargo capacity behind the rear seats, the 4 Series 16.6 cu ft (470 L) expands to 45.6 cu ft (1,291 L) with the back seats folded down.

Back up front, both occupants get power front seats that are quite comfortable. The arm rests are placed in the proper locations, constructed of a soft, squishy material that elbows are sure to enjoy.

Interior Style and Quality: Proper Luxury with Added Color

The interior is simple, yet luxurious inside the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe. We really like the red seats

We’re so happy that color is making its way back into more and more vehicle interiors. The red seats and accents give the car more personality and presence. The dash trim is suede-like in appearance but is really made of a rubbery compound. It, along with most other finishes, look of high quality, which is expected in a car like this. We also find the new all-in-one information center looks sophisticated.

Tech and Safety: What You Need

Part of the upgrades on the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe this year include a single pod housing the driver information center and infotainment screen

The 2024 BMW M440i Gran Coupe comes standard with a power tailgate, selectable ambient lighting, heated front seats, wireless charging, and rear heated seats. Our tester adds on the Premium Package which includes head-up display, heated steering wheel, and Harmon Kardon sound system.

The customizable head-up display, digital dashboard, and infotainment system takes a bit of time to properly learn. Any owner should be able to learn it though, and once mastered, is great with all the options and choices. It’s possible to place information in multiple places. We also appreciate having the choice of a center dial or the touchscreen to control the infotainment screen. Some will want to use the center dial and buttons exclusively, while others will want to use the touchscreen. It's nice having choice.

On the safety front, the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe comes standard with front collision warning, active blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and more. On our tester the Active Driving Assistant Pro was added, which includes lane keep assist, land change assist, emergency stop assist, and more. The car also has the Parking Assistance Package with active park distance control, parking assistance plus, and around view cameras.

Value Dollars and Sense: A Premium to Pay

Our 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe test vehicle came equipped with all-wheel drive

In the USA the BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe starts at a price of $62,045 (all prices include destination). That’s a premium of about $1,500 over the 2024 BMW M340i xDrive. As tested, our M440i came in at $73,095.

As mentioned, in Canada this generation of 4 Series Gran Coupe hasn’t been offered until this year, and it only comes one way, as the Legacy special edition. With destination charges, that will set customers back $92,230.

2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe Final Thoughts

Mike Schlee prefers the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe over the regular M340i xDrive

Currently, there are not a lot of direct competitors for the 4 Series Gran Coupe, other than the usual suspects the 3 Series also battles. In that regard, the Gran Coupe is still near the top of the class, as the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is an appealing smallish luxury car with a sporty edge.

Think of it as more 440i xDrive than full out M Sport. Performance is in abundance, but it’s not a no compromises sport sedan, as comfort, style, and luxury are just as important. In fact, I prefer it over the 3 series. I can live with the slightly higher price tag and minimal headroom sacrifice to get the more pleasing all-around shape and more practical lift back utility.

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2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe


9 / 10


7 / 10

Handling and Drivability

8 / 10

Passenger Comfort

7 / 10

Ride Quality

4 / 5

Exterior Style

3 / 5

Interior Style and Quality

9 / 10


8 / 10

Cargo Capacity and Towing

4 / 5


5 / 5


7 / 10

Emotional Appeal

8 / 10


79 / 100



Engine Power


Handling / Ride Comfort Balance

Price Premium Over 3 Series

Rear Liftback

Rear Seat Headroom

2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe FAQs

  • Q: How much is the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe?
  • A: The car starts at a price of $62,045 in the United States including destination charges. In Canada, it comes in one package for $92,230
  • Q: What engine is in the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe?
  • A: BMW's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six making 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.
  • Q: What is the 0-60 mph time for the 2024 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe?
  • A: The car can hit 60 mph from a standstill in 4.4 seconds.



3.0-liter turbo inline-six


382 hp, 369 lb-ft of torque





Fuel Economy USA (MPG):

22 city, 30 highway

Starting Price USA:

$62,045 (incl dest)

Starting Price Canada:

$92,230 (incl dest)

As Tested Price USA:

$73,095 (incl dest)

As Test Price Canada:

$92,230 (incl dest)

Mike Schlee
Mike Schlee

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  • Bagger Bagger on May 10, 2024

    As an owner of a similar coloured Stinger, I like this style, minus the recent kidney facia design. But the huge info pod dash has to go. I don't understand the move to these ugly screens. Big inline six and red interior a definite two thumbs up though.

  • Ninja250 Ninja250 on May 10, 2024

    Price is too high, arcade game dash, exterior looks too Korean, and does BMW really need two turbos to get 384 HP (my E-350 V6 gets 300 out of it's normally aspirated 3.5 L). Time for BMW to get back to its roots.

    • Bufguy Bufguy on May 12, 2024

      The BMW engine uses a single dual scroll turbo charger. The previous N52 normally aspirated 3.0 liter engine produced 255-260 hp 20 years ago. Your car is a half liter bigger so hp is comparable. Turbo charging it added 80 hp...which is a solid increase. For those that want more, there is the M4