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Faulty seatbelts have brought Corvette sales to a halt.

Chevrolet issued a recall affecting 13,464 Chevrolet Corvettes from 2024, and has had to stop selling 2025 models due to an issue with the seatbelts.

The automaker identified that the driver and passenger seatbelt retractors might have two internal components out of specification. If these belts are fully extended, they may lock in the stowed position, preventing occupants from using them.

GM began investigating the problem in late February after an engineer reported a seatbelt lock-up in a 2024 Corvette. By April 9, the company had initiated a formal investigation, uncovering 56 complaints potentially related to the issue between October 13, 2023, and May 21, 2024.

Internal components could cause the seatbelt to lock.

The safety concern is significant, as occupants unable to use their seatbelts face an increased risk of injury in a crash or could receive a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. Despite this, GM has not reported any accidents or injuries linked to the defect. The decision to issue a recall was made on May 30.

Along with the recall, GM has issued a stop-sale order for dealers. Currently, replacement parts are not available, and there is no specified timeline for when they will be in stock. Consequently, dealers cannot sell affected Corvettes until the parts are available and the retractors can be replaced. GM assures that Chevrolet dealers will replace the faulty retractors at no cost to the owners.

Customers affected by the recall will be notified beginning July 22.

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