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2023 models make up 30% of Ford's Mustang Mach-E inventory.

Ford has reduced lease prices for the 2023 Mustang Mach-E to below $30,000 in an effort to clear out left over inventory.

According to dealer bulletins leases on the 2023 Mach-E now come with discounts up to $12,000. While the discount isn't available to those considering an outright purchase, this does make leasing a Mach-E possible for under $30,000.

CarsDirect reports eligible 2023 Mach-Es will receive a 41% increase in Red Carpet Lease (RCL) Customer Cash. Previously, Mach-E vehicles had no purchase discount except for 0% financing over 72 months.

The lease incentives vary by trim, with the entry-level Mach-E Select seeing the most significant increase. The all-wheel-drive Mach-E Select now has $12,000 in lease cash, up from $8,500, and the rear-wheel-drive Select has increased from $8,500 to $11,750.

Discounts as high as $12,000 can be had on 2023 models.

MSRP for the 2023 Mustang Mach-E Select starts at $41,695, including a $1,800 destination fee. With the new incentives, this lease could be as low as $29,945, not including taxes and fees. It is unclear if Ford has adjusted money factors or residual values for these leases.

With about 30% of Mach-E inventory being 2023 models and the vehicle remaining ineligible for a federal tax credit, these lease deals could be enticing, especially before July Fourth. Ford's offers end on July 8th.

Ford recently announced it would end a controversial dealer program requiring a $500,000 dealership renovation investment just to sell electric cars. It's believed part of the reason Ford has such a large stock of leftover 2023 Mach-E models is directly tied to the renovation's low take rate among franchisees.

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    thats great it applies to all 6 cars Select RWD trim listed in inventory in the entire US

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